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Saline Area Social Services Testimonials from SCTN on Vimeo.

“I lived in Saline for 3 years now.  We fell upon hardship last year and I don’t know what we would have done if it wasn’t for the food pantry at Saline Social Service.  It helps keep us going.  We were at our wits end until we found out about them.  And, the people are very kind and helpful.  I have also seen a lot of other families go through this while I’m there.  Thank you.”  – Anonymous

“I am a client of Saline Area Social Service, as well as a volunteer.  Supplying food is so important, and I can actually say I’m never hungry anymore.  There is no such thing as small stuff.  Providing me personal items monthly means so much to me.  I remember a time when I had little money for food and couldn’t afford multiple products, so I bought shampoo — which I used on everything, including my hair, body, clothes and water glasses.  SASS provided me many personal items a lot of people may take for granted — toothbrushes, laundry soap, paper products and much more.  They also ensured that I would receive needed medication for mental illness, which has helped me to be the most recovered in my life.  Since I moved here 14 years ago, SASS has helped me in so many ways — this has been the first time I’ve been able to have all of my basic needs met.  Thank you SASS.”  – Lisa

“My Mom went to jail and I helped raise my brother for a few years. I did not feel that I was that bad off, but SASS helped me get clothes for my brother and provided a Christmas for him. I only come in for what is absolutely needed and nothing else, and I have never heard of a food pantry that provides toilet paper! When you have to decide between toilet paper and food, you really appreciate toilet paper!”  – Melissa

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